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Current Project (June 2015 - June 2016)
Marina Debria: Casting the net to reduce marine debris in the D'Entrecasteaux
This is SLiK's second project and round of funding from NRM South, facilitating community engagement in stewardship of our beautiful natural environment.econd

 "Marina Debria", (pictured left) is our mascot for raising awareness about  the source, impact and  possible mitigation of man made marine debris in the Channel.  She was created out of some of the marine debris collected during the "Kingborough Alliance: reducing waste in the marine and coastal environment" by over 70 stakeholders  in 2013/14.  You may have seen her at  Love Living Locally in March.

Stakeholders came from a range of groups in the community including; kayakers, Bruny Is Boat Club, Dog Walkers, coastal residents, Tassal, UTas dive club, Coastcare, A Day on the Beach committee and MaST. Waste data continues to be collected and collated so that SLiK can target other stakeholder groups well placed to intervene in waste entering the coastal environment and to collaborate to mitigate it occurring. To keep abreast of Marina Debria's activities join the Marina Debria Collaboration on facebook.

The following awareness raising events are being planned for the coming year
  • Schools creating art from trash with Marina Debria - Salvaged exhibition Oct 2015
  • Parents and children creating art from trash with Marina Debria at Kids Allowed July 2015  for the Salvaged exhibition
  • Waste reduction at public jetties and boat ramps "Roundtable" (TBA)
  • Woodbridge Jetty clean up 28th June
  • Alonnah Beach clean up (TBA)
  • Margate Jetty clean up (TBA)
  • Marina Debria at Taroona Primary School Seaside Festival 21 November 2015
  • Marina Debria at Kids 4 Kids Conference 24 November 2015

If you are collecting marine debris or are concerned about marine debris in your area, please post it on facebook or email us

Past Project (April 2014 - April 2015)
Kingborough Alliance: Reducing waste in the marine and coastal environment
This project ran from March 2014 culminating in March 2015 at Love Living Locally at the Kingborough Civic Centre where Marina Debria made her debut along with some of her 'catch', children's art and crafts activities and heaps more information. During the project members of SLiK have been busy cleaning up the coast line from Kingston Beach to Woodbridge.  Along the way they have collected heaps of rubbish and have been documenting the types of items they have been finding - loads of cigarette butts, plastic wrap from straws (plus plastic straws), wrappers, cans, bottles, plastic cups, wipes and dog poo bags (filled and unfilled). 

Types of waste collected were monitored and analysed with information provided back in a way that helps raise awareness about waste and motivate behaviour change resulting in reduced waste, threat to species in the coastal environment, and increased community engagement in its ongoing care.