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SLiK's Green Wares and Green Ways Initiatives

Solar Power Explained

If you are thinking of purchasing PhotoVoltaics (PV) for your home, Sustainable Living in Kingborough has done the research for you.  Solar Power Explained is a must read before you make your purchase.

Energy Champions - Monitoring your power consumption

Thanks to a Tasmanian Government Earn Your Stars microgrant, 16 Kingborough households participated in a 12 month project to become energy champions.  They shared their power bills so that SLiK could monitor any reductions in energy consumption.  In return, SLik supported them with workshops/info sessions of what to do to recude their power bill.  Here is the report with the outcomes of the project and how they reduced their power consumption.

Power Data Report

Power Consumption Detailed Excel Spreadsheet

Here are some of the ideas for keeping your house warm and saving money

Energy Champions Stay Warm Save Money (June 2013)

If you would like to monitor your energy use, here is the form used by the Energy Champions

Reading your power bill, lighting and appliances - info sheets

There is a lot of information on your power bill - the Reading Your Electricity Bill info sheet explains how you can understand and monitor your electricity usage.

Lighting can make up almost 10% of your household energy usage - the Energy Efficiency Lighting info sheet will give you some facts.

Electrical appliances make up about 30% of your household energy use - the Energy Efficiency Appliances info sheet gives info on appliance energy use.

Solar Hot Water Bulk Purchase Background

SLiK instigated a bulk purchase of Solar Hot Water during 2011-12.  The project has now been completed and a total of 73 households had solar hot water installed.  An Apricus system was supplied and installed by I Want Energy.  Click here to find out exactly what was available through this offer.

Evacuated tube systems have shown to be very effective during winter in temperate areas like Tasmania and therefore are a good way to minimise the on-going power costs associated with the electric boost.

The aim of the Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy was to primarily support Kingborough residents to reduce their energy use and for SLiK to act as a facilitator to obtain cost savings from a supplier to install a number of systems within one geographic area.  Research shows that the installation aspect of the system is a crucial part of obtaining full efficiencies from a solar hot water system - with this in mind SLiK also included a frame to position the tubes at 60 degrees as part of the purchase and discussed the need to provide insulation on all exposed pipework with the preferred installer.

The Community Information Sessions held during the first week of November were an enormous success with a total of 118 residents attending the meetings held in Margate, Blackmans Bay and Taroona.


Copy of Pre-Install Reminder List

Copy of Installation Checklist