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Welcome to SLiK
Sustainable Living in Kingborough was established in July 2010 to meet the needs of residents living in the Kingborough municipality.
 Love Living Locally 2014

Lots of people enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather at the 2014 Love Living Locally event. The annual event showcases local Kingborough produce, producers, arts and crafts with over 60 stalls, food, entertainment, kids activities, face painting, demonstrations, displays, buskers and lots more! 
Sustainable Living groups in Kingborough
Taroona Communirty Association   (Sustainable Taroona STar)
The Taroona Community Association recently had Costa from Gardening Australia run an inspiring workshop on growing your own food. 

Kingborough Spring Sensations
Click here to see a great range of activities for Spring from Kingborough Council.

Kingborough Alliance: Reducing waste in the marine and coastal environment

Waste is a logistical, financial, social and environmental issue for Kingborough. 

Between March 2014 and March 2015, SLIK will focus on the issue of waste and engage a broad range of stakeholders who utilise Kingborough's coastal public spaces including; kayakers, dog walkers, divers, aquaculture operations and Coastcare to collect and monitor waste found in these locations.

SLiK will then monitor  and analyse the types of waste collected and then provide information back in a way that will raise awareness about waste and motivate behaviour change resulting in reduced waste, threat to species in the coastal environment, and increased community engagement in its ongoing care. The project will cover the coastal area from Kingston Beach to Woodbridge.

The following tasks make up the project

1. Engage with stakeholders including; Tassal, Kingborough Council, Tinderbox West Coastcare groups, school and SLiK members in waste collection and monitoring (May to August)

2. Coordinate waste collection and develop monitoring and recording system (July to August)

3. Research and high level analysis of waste: types, causes and behaviours leading to waste in the marine and coastal environment (ongoing from May to March 2015)

4. Research impact of litter on marine and coastal flora, fauna and human use of coastal environments (ongoing from May to March 2015)

5. Engage community in awareness raising and education sessions September to March 2015 (final one being at Love Living Locally March 2015)

If you would like to provide us with feedback, your ideas or to participate in waste reduction activities please follow the link to our online survey and we will make contact with you:

 Love Living Sustainably
Sustainability” means different
things to different people.
What does it mean to you – at home,
work and in your community?
Share your practical actions on our Facebook page and tell us how they make a difference.
This activity will provide SLiK with ideas for future projects and inspire others to try out ideas they hadn’t thought about.
One simple example:  Riding a bike
  • Saves us $ in fuel costs
  • Reduces our carbon emissions
  • Increases our health and fitness
  • We feel more relaxed and sleep better
  • We meet more people out on our bikes
  • We get to know our neighbourhood better
  • We are being an example to others
  • We don’t buy as much at the grocery store because we have to pedal it home

Find us on Facebook  
SLiK has an active group on Facebook - become a friend and find out what is happening in your local community.

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