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Welcome to SLiK
Sustainable Living in Kingborough was established in July 2010 to meet the needs of residents living in the Kingborough municipality.
Salvaged Art 2015

The 3rd biennial Salvaged Art from Waste Competition and Art Exhibition is open for entries.  Please see website for details

Kingborough Alliance: Reducing waste in the marine and coastal environment

Members of SLiK have been busy cleaning up the coast line from Kingston Beach to Woodbridge since this project started in March 2014. Along the way they have collected heaps of rubbish and have been documenting the types of items they have been finding - loads of cigarette butts, plastic wrap from straws (plus plastic straws), wrappers, cans, bottles, plastic cups, wipes and dog poo bags (filled and unfilled). 

SLiK will then monitor  and analyse the types of waste collected and then provide information back in a way that will raise awareness about waste and motivate behaviour change resulting in reduced waste, threat to species in the coastal environment, and increased community engagement in its ongoing care. The project will cover the coastal area

Come along to Love Living Locally on Sunday 15 March at the Kingborough Civic Centre and meet Marina Debria, children's art and crafts activities and heaps more information.

Sustainable Living groups in Kingborough
Taroona Communirty Association   (Sustainable Taroona STar)
The Taroona Community Association recently had Costa from Gardening Australia run an inspiring workshop on growing your own food. 

Find us on Facebook  
SLiK has an active group on Facebook - become a friend and find out what is happening in your local community.


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